Raymond Strife
Trenton's own rap Fonzy

Born in Trenton and raised in South Lawrence, NJ, Raymond Strife is the physical manifestation of what it means to be from New Jersey. Known for being polite and outgoing off stage, on stage his style is nothing short of loud and aggressive, sometimes offensive while somehow still being cute and charming. While pulling influence from a broad range that goes from Snoop Dogg to G.G. Allin his style is completely his own making it hard to compare to anyone really. Founder of the diverse rap crew DKFG that is based out of Trenton but has members scattered all throughout the country, Ray stands out as a human representation of when keeping it real goes horribly wrong. He raps about low self esteem, addiction, relationships, punk shows and comic books, often in the same song, and never fails to make it funny.

Ray is currently gearing up to release his new project, “God's Plan,” produced by long time friend Ill-Omega. “Goodbye Chambersburg” is available now. He also recently released an EP with fellow DKFG member Roebus One entitled “#BFF,” aptly titled after their experience as roommates. He is constantly performing and touring with his other rap mashup indie rock group Night Court, and long established hardcore band Over Everything. If you go to a show of function any night of the week in Trenton, you are likely to run into the self-proclaimed “Rap Fonzy.”



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