"are you a god?"

#godsplan coming                   end of Spring!

Unfortunately we had to push back The #godsplan release to the end of Spring! It's not gonna be easy so we need your help! Click the button to preorder your copy. Please note your name, phone number and address so we can get you one. we're so excited to be doing this and we're so thankful for the support!

Roebus One R.I.P.

Recently, one fo my best homies ever, Roebus One, passed away. I was lucky enough to get a great live recording of him performing at Skin Ilustrations Tattoo shop in Cookstown, NJ from Sketchisms media. I put it up on my Bandcamp so people could hear his voice again.

Raymond Strife x Ill-Omega
Preface: I Will Never be Beautiful 
Available now!

We decided to put out this EP to help promote raise money for our upcoming album, "God's Plan." It's three tracks we did right after Gusto and three tracks we did this weekend that flow kinda seamlessly together. This album really symbolizes change for us because we both moved from different parts of our area that have meant a lot to us. We put it out for free but if you feel so inclined, please donate something. It will all go to help putting our next album out on vinyl. Cop the album, donate if you can, share and tell a friend! Thanks, we love ya!
- Ray and Darnell Ill-Omega Storey

 There's a lot of crazy going on in the world right now. Like many I am out of a job ( Believe it or not, I don't just get by on this rich rapper shit) because of the covid-19 stuff. Selling my music and march online has been keeping me afloat. I couldn't get by without all the amazing friends and fans really giving a shit and supporting. So for a limited time I have my entire band camp discography up for the low package price of $31.34. Take a look, if you don't wanna buy it all see if there's anything you like. Love you all.

new shit up now for free!

I Will Never Be Beautiful.


Dreadpool Parker / Dreadpool Parker

Dreadpool Parker is what you get when Wade Wilson moves into an apartment on Hamilton Ave. in Trenton, NJ and Raymond Strife is a mile away doing drugs and trying to finish a many time abandoned solo album. The two start to work on said album, get a hold of some Dready Mercury beats and a collaboration is born. Plus a few tours, a few parties and a few fights. You're welcome.


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