The vid for "Asphalt Breathing" Off the "Necessary People" album is up! So Much fun to work with Wade ad the guys from Cold Rhymes. Check it out below!

God's Plan out now!

It took three years but the "god's Plan Vinyl is here. If you ordered one and you still want it, You'll get it.If you want to stream it or buy it, click the link below.


Height Keech and Donovan Days are DIY hip hop Legends, so when they ask me to do something, I do it. Super honored to be a part of this album.

PIZZA HUSTLE SHIRT 2 copy_edited.jpg

New store goes up every few weeks with all new products that are only available for those two weeks!

"are you a god?"

Attack of the robots

The homies Ill-Omega and Bill Nobes started a monthly "live" show coming to you online from "Dirty Robot Studios!


 There's a lot of crazy going on in the world right now. Like many I am out of a job ( Believe it or not, I don't just get by on this rich rapper shit) because of the covid-19 stuff. Selling my music and march online has been keeping me afloat. I couldn't get by without all the amazing friends and fans really giving a shit and supporting. So for a limited time I have my entire band camp discography up for the low package price of $31.34. Take a look, if you don't wanna buy it all see if there's anything you like. Love you all.

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I Will Never Be Beautiful.


Dreadpool Parker / Dreadpool Parker

Dreadpool Parker is what you get when Wade Wilson moves into an apartment on Hamilton Ave. in Trenton, NJ and Raymond Strife is a mile away doing drugs and trying to finish a many time abandoned solo album. The two start to work on said album, get a hold of some Dready Mercury beats and a collaboration is born. Plus a few tours, a few parties and a few fights. You're welcome.